Short Fiction

Already Among the Clouds (Published by Necessary Fiction – Free Read)

Vex Money (Published by Hotch Potch Literature and Art – Free Download/Read)

Love, Jola (Published by Roi Fainéant Press – Free Read)

Palliatives (Published by Hotch Potch Literature and Art – Free Download/Read)

Where the Grass is Greener (Published by Overtly Lit – Free Read)

Four Corners of the City (Published by Brittle Paper – Free Read)

This is the End (Published by Brittle Paper – Free Read)

Permit Me to Give Up on Heaven (Published by Zone 3 Literary Journal – For Sale) 

Of Works and Workshops of the Devil (Published by Sundial Magazine – Free Read) 

Last Flight to Addis Ababa (Published by Typehouse Literary Magazine – Free Read/Download) 

Reparation (Published by Cobalt Review – Free Read) 

A Drunk’s Final Rites (Published by Landlocked Magazine – Free Read/Download) 

The Work of Èsù (Published by Interpret Magazine – Free Read) 

Away (Published by Crow Name – Free Read/Download) 

Whose Booty? (Published by Pollux Journal – Free Read/Listen) 

Folding Time: Dear Descendant(s) (Published by Decolonial Passage – Free Read) 

Shreds (Published by The Shallow Tales Review – Free Read) 

Other Side of the Coin (Published by Ibua Journal – Free Read) 

Destination, America (Published by Agbowó Magazine – Free Read) 

Hello, Sun (Published by Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine – Free Read) 

August Visitor (Published by DOOR is a Jar Magazine – For Sale) 

What About the Homeless? (Published by 100 Words of Solitude – For Sale) 

Where the Grass is Greener (Published in Black Muslim Reads Anthology by NbA Muslims – For Sale) 

The Twig Masquerade of Ayégbajẹ́jẹ́ (Published by Sub-Saharan Magazine – Free Read) 

When the Sun is Up (Published by Journal of African Youth Literature – Free Download)